Discovery UFO Alien with Ares UFO Kodi Addon | Watch HD UFO Videos

Discover UFO with Ares UFO Kodi Addon | Watch HD UFO Videos

You are someone who loves to learn about UFO. Want to watch movies or clips that videotaped ufo appear and visit the Earth . You have to find a lot of UFO clips but their quality is poor and unclear. You also want to see the UFO clips with high quality HD, and want to see the experts comment about UFO.

To day i give for you a great addon working on Kodi that help you have more information about UFO. This addon called " Ares UFO ", this is an addon from Ares Project. You can finded more interesting  and useful information about UFO, Aliens with Ares UFO Kodi Addon, give for you more ufo & alien discovery channels
  • Unsealead Alien Files
  • UFO Files Documentaries
  • UFO TV Documentaries
  • UFO Sightings
  • Ancient Aliens
  • UFO Hunter
  • In Seach of Alients
  • ThirdPhaseofmoon
  • Hanger 1
  • Beyond UFOS 2016
  • Disclosure Discovery
  • Alex Jones
  • Forbidden Knowledge
  • Ancient Discoveries
  • Alien Encounters
  • Alien Conspiracies
  • Disclosure Project

So How To Install Ares UFo Kodi Addon & How To use It To Watch UFO Clips

Video guide Install Ares UFO Addon on Kodi 17 crypton

How to install Ares UFO Kodi Addon 16 jarvis

To install this addon ares-ufo on your kodi, you must follow there steps 
  • Open Kodi > select Systems > click File manager
  • Click Add source > then click None to begin install ares-ufo kodi addon
  • Now, you must type exactly this link : then click Done
  • Type a name for name media source as aresproject then click Done
  • Go back home screen kodi, then select Systems > then click Settings
  • Continue click Add-ons > click Install from zip file > select aresproject > repository.aresproject >
  • Wait for have a notice addon enabled then click Install from repository
  • Select Ares Project > Video add-ons > scroll to select Ares UFO
  • Click Install & wait for have a notice addon enabled
  • Then click again Ares UFO > click Open
  • Finished install Ares UFO on kodi!
discovery ufo & aliens with Ares UFO kodi addon

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