Many Best Kodi Addons Have Come Back To Our

Many Best Kodi Addons Have Come Back To Our
There are many great kodi addons was back and fine working to day

Today is so fine. There are many many good news about kodi addons. Many many best kodi addons that we was installed as Exodus, Uk turk, Zen, Real Movies, Maverick etc... are come back and fine working for our. In this post, we will update new kodi addons, new kodi build was come back and it'll often update more time in day. Let's bookmark this post to comeback here later and get for yourself new kodi addons is begin launch again

Update List Best Kodi Addons & Kodi Builds Launch Again

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  • Scroll down to get newest kodi addons is back daily ( We are still update newest kodi news - kodi addons -kodi repo news , remember visit here daily to get new update, I can sure all kodi repo will update with newest address)
  • How to finded newest kodi addon: Ctrl+F , then type name of kodi , ex: exodus


Wolfpack Addons is back again at new repository: http://midian.srve.io/repo/
Morepowers addons is a part of wolfpack

How to install wolfpack addons: click here (live)

Uk Turk Playlist Addons is back at new repository: 
(New 18/6) Uk turk just moved to new repo at here: http://sparkysrepo.com/turkrepo/ (live)

How to install Uk turk: click here

Live Premiership Addons is back at new repository :http://streamaddons.com/repo/

How to install Live Premiership kodi addons : Click here

Vortex Addons is back again at new repository: http://streamaddons.com/repo/

Real Movies Addons is back at new repository: http://streamarmy.co.uk/repo/

Bob's, Elysium ( or Zen ),  The Red Pill Addons is back at new repository: http://nan.aftermathwizard.net/nanrepo/ or http://noobsandnerds.com/portal/ (New update repo  link)
or http://wolf-pack.netai.net/repo/  ( For Zen )

How to install Elysium via Noobsandnerds repo: updating
How to install Elysium via Ultimatum repo: click here

Exodus Addons is back & Fusion is back same : update-dead-on-fusion ( tested on kodi 17.3 )
( now, you can not install exodus addons via fusion repository )

How to install Exodus addons new version 3.1.16: click here (dead )

Other way to install Exodus addons without Fusion repo: Click Here ( dead )

For install Exodus 3.1.18 version : click here ( live & fine working )

Maverick addons is fine working on repository: 
http://maverickrepo.net or http://mavericktv.ddns.net/repo

At the Flix Addons is live on repository: http://mavericktv.ddns.net/repo/

News 12 Addons ( for watch US news ) : click.here

Metal Kettle Addons is back again with new repository: http://kodi.metalkettle.co
How to install MetalKettle Addons : video guide is updating

Salts Addons ( Streams all the sources ) is back again at repository: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag
From fusion repo >  kodi-repos > english > repository.k3l3vra.x.x.x.zip > Salts addons live in K3l3vra's Repository.

How to install Salts Addons : click here or here

Jango Addons is back again with new repository: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag
From fusion repo >  kodi-repos > english > repository.xbmchub-x.x.x.zip > Jango addons live in xbmchub Repository.

Cartoons8 Addons is back on new repository: http://kodi.metalkettle.co
How to install Cartoons8 Addons : video guide is updating

Skynet Addons is fine working & just updated to new version 2.2 at repo: 
http://maverickrepo.net or http://mavericktv.ddns.net/repo
How to install Skynet Addons : updating video guide

Read Comics Addons is back again

Read Comics Addons is back again with new repository: http://kodi.metalkettle.co/
How to install Read Comics Addons : updating video guide

FTFA Addons is return now in list best kodi addons 2017

F.T.F.A Addons is return , you can get ftfa addons via new repository: http://freetvforall.esy.es/repo/

How to setup FTFA addons with out repo : click here
Video guilde: click here

Evolve Addons is live on new Goliah repository addon address: http://matsbuilds.uk/goliath/
How to install Evolve Addons: updating video guide

Reaper Addons is back again on new Goliah repository addresshttp://matsbuilds.uk/goliath/
How to install Reaper addons: updating video guide

Pyramid Addons is Back, now you can install Pyramid addons from this repository: 
(New 18/6) Pyramid addons moved to new repo : http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/

How to install Pyramid kodi addons: updating video guide

BAMF Kodi Addons is Back, Now you can install this addon BAMF via repository: 

How to install BAMF Kodi Addons: Click Here

Project D Addons & PdSports VOD Addons is back on new repository:
http://streamaddons.com/repo/ > Then install The Alpha repo

How to install Project D Addons: updating

Supremacy Addons is back on new repository:

or http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/

How to istall Supremacy Addons on kodi: updating video guide

White Devil Streams Addons just moved to new repository home: http://rmkodi.uk/repo/Addons/

How to install White Devil Streams addons: click here

Many great kodi addons are updating soon...comeback again to get more news about new kodi addons launch again...

  • For Kodi Build

Supreme Builds are working on new repository: http://supreme.srve.io/repo/

 Maverick Krypton Build

Maverick Krypton Build Including Maverick, Uk Turk, Bob, Elysium, Silent Hunter, Mafia Streams, At the Flix Now available only 95MB at http://maverickrepo.net/wiz


Many best kodi builds will comeback and will updated in here soon. Please comeback again to let's more great kodi builds soon.
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