Top 5 Movies Addons To Replacement Exodus Addon

Exodus addon is one of the best add-on to watch movies, tv shows on kodi. This is a popular kodi addon that there are millions guys and girls was install and using this addon to enjoy many favorite movies, tv shows on kodi. There is a short time, Exodus was gone and this has made many people think that Exodus addon is dead. So there are many people was asked the same question "what's the best movies addon to replacement for exodus addon" or "Best Movies Addons Alternatives for Exodus"

This post will show for you 5 best addons to watch movies, tv shows on kodi at this time, best alternatives for Exodus. But i want talking again with you that, Exodus addon is still a great addon to watch movies, tv shows on kodi and this addon is still fine working, the latest version of exodus addon is 4.1.xx and this addon will continue have many new update in future...


There are hundreds addons to watch movies or tvshows out there, so if you are a new kodi user and are finding some great kodi addon to watch the favorite movies, tvshows on kodi with high quality. Then, maybe you do not know what is the best movies addon that are fine working at this time. This is 5 best movies kodi add-ons that we want show for you.

1...Neptune Rising Addon

2...Fantastic Addon

3...The Pyramid Addon
To read full guide how to install The Pyramid addon, visit here:

4...Cerebro Showbox Addon

5...Ocolus Addon
To read full guide how to install Ocolus addon, visit here:

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