Ask and Answer: No stream available with Placenta? How to fix it

Question from Peter Brown?
Evening folks. 
On my kodi i generally use Placenta add on. The issue is i can be watching a tv show or a movie and it will just cut out and go to the list of streams. Most of the time i can reclick the link n resume watching from where it left off but also it will come up with no stream available and il have to reboot the box. Becoming very frustrating. Not sure if it is my internet, the box or the add on.
Any thoughts ?

Answers from kodi community to answer this question of Peter brown:
Pia Lundqvist: First I would do is unplug the router for 10 min. 
Then go to tools in Placenta and clear providers and then clear cache

Peter Brown: How do you clear cache and providers for that specific add on? I did it as a whole using indigo but still having the same issues.

Pia Lundqvist: First menu on Placenta -> down the list you have Tools 
You can also bring up context menu and choose settings by long press on the Placenta icon or Hit c if you have a keyboard

Ok indigo? Dont know witch options you got there but normaly you don’t need any claring of cache... but clearing providers? Did indigo have that as a generic option?

Peter Brown: No i only cleared cache through indigo.
Ok got it cheers. Will see if makes a difference later on. If it doesnt what would you say the issue would be?

Pia Lundqvist Router... it fills up with cache and can’t take care of it by it self as kodi does. You need to unplug it atlest once a month. I do it almost every week. Could also be something with your ISP or connection.
I dont believe it has anything to do with Placenta but the kodi system can be a little sensitive if you have outdated addons. If this wont work I would as next step look over your addons, check versions and delete old stuff.

Peter Brown: Still getting the same issue. Almost all the time cuts out then says no stream available

Pia Lundqvist Have you tested your speed... when youre cut of?

Peter Brown Im pretty sure the internet is still intact when it cuts off.

Pia Lundqvist I ask as I had a box with crap eathernet... the rest of house was good but the box had 2 mbps... it was good on wifi though so it was not an issue...
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im using placenta trying to watch a show and it will say working and than look as if its downloading and than it will say no stream available . what gives. do certain shows not work? Im trying to watch the colony

delete August 13, 2018 at 8:05 AM

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