Indigo Kodi Add-ons 2017 Tvaddons Repo

Indigo Kodi Add-ons 2017 Tvaddons Repo

How to Install Indigo Addon For Kodi 2017

Indigo Kodi Add-ons 2017 Tvaddons Repo

How to Install Indigo Addon For Kodi

So What is Indigo Addons

You have to know abount Indigo addons. This ( Indigo addons ) from TVADDONS Repo is a perfect guides for Kodi that offer for you maintenance tools, Kodi log viewer, Addon installer, log uploader, speed test and more. This addon Indigo kodi has also configure wizard option that automatically configure your kodi with more best addons and tweaks. With Indigo kodi add-ons, you can install more program addons, video addons, sport and iptv addons and more other addons on your kodi throudh addon installer option. By inside Maintenance tools you can clear cache or uninstall all addons from your Kodi. You need also about Indigo addons, Indigoaddon have lot of other features that will really improved your kodi experience and we highly recommend this addon.

So How to install indito addon for kodi easiest
We will give you you the way that you can this addon so easy. That is 21 step for Install Indigo Kodi Addon. You have to step by step from 1 to 21 for install Indigo addon easiest.

1- Begin Install Indigo Kodi Add-ons

- Open Kodi
- Choose SYSTEM > File Manager

21 step for Install Indigo Kodi Addon

2- Select Add Source

Step by step for Install Indigo Kodi Addon easiest

3- Select None

4- Type in the following EXACTLY link http://fusion.tvaddons.co/
- And select Done

5- Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type Fusion & continue select OK to continue install Indigo Addons for Kodi

6- Continue Go back to your home screen and
- Select SYSTEM > Setting

7- Continue select Add-ons

8- And Select Install from Zip file

9- We are continue Select Fusion

10- Selet Kodi-repos

11- Select English

How to install Indigo Kodi Addons 2017

12- Continue Select Repository.xbmchub-x.x.x.zip
( at this time i choose repository.xbmchub-1.0.6.zip )

13- Patient, wait for Add-on Enabled Notification

14- Select Install from repository or Get Add-ons of Helix

15- We are continue Select TVADDONS.AG Addon Repository

16- Select program Add-ons

17- Select Indigo 
at this step you have nearly completed the Install Indigo Kodi Add-ons 2017 Tvaddons Repo

18- Select Install

19- Wait a few seconds for Add-on Enabled Notification

20- Now Add-on is installed ( Indigo Kodi Addon )
- Go back to your home screen and

21- Select Indigo from your home screen

And Enjoy!

Wow, after 21 steps we have instructions above. Now that you have completed the installation and enjoy a lot of fun with Indigo Kodi Addons

Install Indigo Kodi Addons 2017 so easy with 21-step guide

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