How To Change Skins for Kodi 17 crypton

How To Change Skins for Kodi 17 crypton
How To Change Skins for Kodi 17 crypton

You've really disgusted default skins of Kodi 17 crypton. And now, you want a new background skins or new interface for your Kodi. You was spent more time but still not change your default kodi's skin.

This guide will give for you easy way for know about " how to change skins for Kodi 17 crypton " . With other kodi version as 16, it's same

How to change default skin kodi to new skin kodi
This is default Kodi skin

Changed to new Skin for Kodi 17 crypton
And this is new skin that i was installed on kodi

Video guid how to change kodi skin

Steps Guide How to Change Skins for Kodi 17 Crypton

Open your Kodi,> then click System icon , > then continue click Interface setting
click setting icon to begin change skin for kodi

We are continue select Skin , > then click Skin as this picture

A skin box open, default kodi skin is Estuary, now you can other skin as Aeon Nox or Black Glass Nova ( this is new skin i was installed ). If you want a other skin , click Get more and choose any skin kodi in there. In this guide, i choose Black Glass Nova skin

When you click on Black Glass Nova > a new Interface box open and warning you Yes or No, > click Yes to begin change to new skin kodi

Now go back home screen, A New Skin for your Kodi was changed as this picture

To change Background for Home Screen Kodi, you can continue follow this guide

Scroll to select Settings, then click on it

Then click on Skin

Select Backgrounds > then click on Browse for image

Then select image of you that you was save

Done. I was changed background kodi
New skin for kodi was changed

Thanks for watching this tutorial " how to change skin kodi ". Maybe you like this guide " How to change to Default Kodi skin "

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