Install M4U Kodi Addon To Watch Movies & Live Tv

watch_later Saturday, March 11, 2017
Install M4U Kodi Addon To Watch Movies & Live Tv

Mucky Duck just released one addon called " M4U Addon Kodi". This is brand new addon which brings a great movies and tv source to your kodi. Install this M4u Addon on Kodi rightnow to experience the great features that it brings.

What can you see with M4U Kodi Addon
In the first launch this addon, you can choice few categories to enjoy:
  • Hot Movies
  • Best 100
  • Latest Added
  • Most View
  • Genres
  • Year
  • Tv
  • Seach

M4U give for you know about quality events that you want watching. When you hover on a video in M4u addon kodi, it will tell you if the quality is DVD, Blu-Ray, HD, or Camera. This means that you know what quality to expect in the video before you go into it...

So How To Install This Add-ons M4U Kodi Addon 

///All Kodi guides & tips have been made with version 17 crypton & 16 jarvis  at this time. With Video Guide & steps install by illustrations.///

Steps Guide Install M4U addon on Kodi 17 crypton

Open your Kodi and click System icon as this pic
Open Kodi to begin Install M4U Kodi Addon To Watch Movies & Live Tv

Then click File manager

Continue double click on Add source 

Then click None 

And type this link : in address box , then click OK

Continue give a name for name media source as M4U then click OK

Now you go back home screen kodi then click Add-ons

And click in Box icon as this picture 

Select Install from zip file  

Scroll your mouse and select M4U from list

And continue click

Wait for system dowloading and update , for have a notice as Mucky Ducks repo addon enabled 

Now, click Install from repository

Then click Mucky Ducks Repo

Continue click Video addons

And scroll your mouse then select M4U from list as this picture

Now click Install 

Wait for system dowloading and update, for have a notice M4U Add-on enabled.

Now this addon M4U Addon Kodi was installed in your Kodi. Go back home screen and open it 

And Steps Tutorial Install M4U Addon on Kodi 16 jarvis

  • Open Kodi Systems File manager
  • Click Add source > None 
  • Type this link on address box: then click Done
  • Type a name for name media source as M4U then click Done
  • Go back home kodi screen > systemssettings
  • Click Add-onsInstall from zip file
  • Scroll your mouse and select M4U
  • Then click 
  • Wait for have a notice as Mucky Ducks repo addon enabled and click Install from repository
  • Then click Mucky Ducks Repo > Video addons > M4U 
  • Click Install & wait for have a notice Mucky Ducks addon enabled
  • Go back home screen kodi and open m4u kodi addon that ready installed.