How to Install Sportsdevil Add-on For Kodi 2017

How to Install Sportsdevil Add-on For Kodi 2017
How to Install Sportsdevil Add-on For Kodi

We need to learn about Sportsdevil addon and learn about the way install sportsdevil add-ons on Kodi easiest

So what is sportsdevil add-on

Sportsdevil add-on is a extensions for Kodi app, with sportsdevil addon you can watching more amazing sport events are working in the large sports worldwide. From football to tennis, from baseball to hockey, etc...You are also can watching more football match of La Liga, Bundesliga, Premier league or Seria A, MLS.

You are a fan of football, you can install Sportsdevil add-on on Kodi app to watch it. You are a avid fan of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), it's already to watch on Kodi with Sportsdevil-addon

And there are many more interesting things waiting for you to discovery on Sportsdevil:
- Live Sport channel
- Sport Tv
- Live Tv


At this time, sportsdevil addons was back & even better. At this post, i will show for you the best kodi repository to install kodi addons sportsdevil & install a mega addons ( all in one kodi addons ) that available in this kodi repo.

Step 1: Open your Kodi, Click Systems & continue click File manager

Step 2: Click Add source, & click None

Step 3: Copy & type exactly this url on box: (install alleyezonme repo with this url)
or (install repoclossus with this url)
& click Ok

///Want watch video guide install sportsdevil add-ons kodi:

Step 4: Type a name for media source box as: Daffy & click Ok

Step 5: Go back home Kodi, click Add-ons & continue click Box icon /browser add-ons

Step 6: Click Install from zip file, & click Daffly from your list

Step 7: Continue click on & wait for this repo installed. You will see a notice as All eyez on me repository add-on enabled.

Step 8: Click Install from repository & select All Eyez On Me Repository

Step 9: Click Video add-ons

Step 10: Click Sportsdevil & click Install.

Now we will continue learn how to install sportsdevil Add-on for Kodi app easiest

This guide has made with Kodi 16 jarvis . At this time, Kodi was updated newest version that called Kodi 17 Crypton

See more- Guide Install Sportsdevil add-ons on Kodi 17 crypton

The first you have to dowload Sportsdevil repo zip and save it to somewhere that you can easily finded , this is 3rd party add-on that is not supported by Kodi Team

news update: Sportsdevil was supported in Fusion repository Kodi so you dont need dowload sportsdevil repo zip

Step 1: Open Kodi
Step 2: Select SYSTEM > File Manager
Step 3: Select Add Source
Step 4: Select None
Step 5: You have to type exactly this link: and select Done
Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type Sportsdevil & select OK
Step 6: Now you need go back to your Home Screen
Step 7: Click in SYSTEM
Step 8: Select Add-Ons

Video For How To Install Sports-devil-add-on
Step 9: Select Install from zip file
Step 10: Select Sportsdevil
Step 11: Select
Step 12: /
Step 13: /
Step 14: Wait for Add-on enabled notification
Step 15: Select Install from repository or Get Add-Ons on Helix
Step 16: Select All Eyez on me Repository
Step 17: Select Video Add-Ons
Step 18: Select SportsDevil
Step 19: Select Install
Step 20: Wait for Add-on enabled notification
Step 21: Done. SportsDevil add-on is now installed and ready to use. As usual the add-on now can be accessed via VIDEOS > Add-Ons > SportsDevil from your home screen.

With a tutorial that only have more letters and dont any pictures for illustration. It's Ok for people that have a long time working with Kodi. But with people whom called amateur with kodi. You will need few guide about install Sportsdevil-addon Kodi with illustration.

Step by step follow illustrations from begin to finish. This help to you install this sportsdevil addon on kodi easiest

Open Kodi > SYSTEM > Filemanager
Open Kodi to install sportsdevil addon on kodi 2017

Select Add source
select Add source to continue install sportsdevil add-on

Select None

type exactly this link: and select Done
type to continue install sportsdevil addon

type fusion in the box name & select OK
Fusion repo was supported for sportsdevil addon

Go back Home Screen


Choose Add-ons
Addon Sportsdevil kodi

continue choose Install from zip file
Install from zip file to continue install sportsdevil

Choose fusion
choose fusion to get sportsdevils addon

Choose kodi-repos

select english

scroll to select

wait for Unofficial Sportsdevil repo enabled notification

continue select Install from repository

select Unofficial sportsdevil repository

select Video-addons

Choose SporstDevil

Select Install
select install to setup sportsdevil kodi addon

wait Sportdevil addon dowloading and have a enabled notification

click to Sportdevil and select Open to connect to Sportsdevil channel
Open Sportsdevil Kodi addon to watch sports online

Sportsdevil channel on Kodi was installed. Enjoy!
Setup Sportsdeviil Kodi addon success

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